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Colle à moi's reputation was initially built thanks to our amazing school labels. However, our personalized labels are made for every age group and are also growing in popularity. From daycare to retirement homes, our products allow you to quickly identify your items in no time flat!

Over the years, we have expanded our product line to make identifying your products easy. Choose your combo based on your needs!
Don’t lose it! Label it!
I am looking to identify:
  1. Clothing Label Combo

    112 labels, 40 iron-on labels

    – 112 self-adhesive

    – 40 iron-on labels

    – This combo will allow you to identify your clothes and personal belonging

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  2. Bag Tag

    1 bag tag

    – 1 bag tag

    – Ideal for identifying backpacks, lunch boxes and suitcases

    – Waterproof

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  3. Daycare Combo

    90 labels, 1 bag tag

    – 90 self-adhesive labels in different sizes & 1 bag tag

    – Includes our shoe labels that help kids put their shoes right side up!

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  4. School Combo

    145 labels, 1 bag tag

    – 145 self-adhesive labels in different sizes and 1 bag tag

    – Perfect to label all schools supply in no time

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  5. Eraser bands (3pk)

    3 eraser bands

    – 3 eraser bands (red, blue and yellow)

    – Reusable year after year

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  6. Caring Stickers

    18 inspirational phrases on 36 stickers

    – For sticking on pencils, sports and school items

    – Microwave- and dishwasher-safe

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  7. Clothing Iron-on Labels

    40 iron-on

    – 40 iron-on labels

    – Specially designed for clothing

    – Extremely durable and applied with iron

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  8. Zipper Pulls (2pk)

    2 zipper pulls

    – 2 zipper pulls

    – Makes the task of opening and closing zippers easier

    – Ideal for identifying coats, pencil cases and lunch boxes

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  9. Colle à moi Gift Card

    Electronic gift card delivered by e-mail

    – Perfect teacher thank-you or shower gift

    – PDF to print and give to your loved one

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  10. Personalized Custom Ruler

    1 custom kids ruler made out of bamboo wood

    - Two gorgeous designs available

    - Personalized with your child's name

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  11. Bottle Band (large)

    1 bottle band

    – 1 silicone bottle band

    – Suitable for water bottles (57mm)

    – Dishwasher safe

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  12. Baby Bottle Band (small)

    1 bottle band

    – 1 bottle band

    – Suitable for baby bottles and small water bottles (55mm)

    – Dishwasher safe

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  13. Calming Sensory Label

    1 personalized calming strip

    – Helps reduces anxiety, stress, sensory overload, and fidgeting

    – Perfect for children who like sensory stimulation to calm down

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  14. Basic Label Combo

    84 labels

    – 84 self-adhesive labels in different sizes

    – Perfect for kids that are starting daycare or to add more labels to your inventory

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  15. Clothing Stamp & Label Combo

    56 labels, 40 iron-on labels, 1 stamp for clothing

    – 1 personalized stamp for clothing

    – 56 self-adhesive and 40 iron-on labels

    – This combo allows you to identify ALL clothing in your house

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  16. Personalized Book Stamp

    1 book stamp

    – 1 personalized book stamp

    – Ideal for books and papers

    – Perfect gift idea for teachers

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  17. Book Stamp Ink Cartridge

    Produce approximately 500 prints

    - 1 Book stamp ink refill

    - Produce approximately 500 prints

    - Compatible with Colle à moi book stamp

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  18. Custom Clothing Stamp

    1 clothing stamp

    – 1 personalized clothing stamp

    – Prints approximately 500 stamps

    – Ideal for light or white fabrics

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  19. Durable quote stickers

    2 big quote stickers and an endless source of inspiration

    – Decorative and inspiring with feel-good messages

    – Microwave and dishwasher-safe

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The promise

Washing Machine Safe

Affixed on the care label, our self-adhesive labels are washer- and dryer-resistant

Diswasher- and microwave-safe

Resistant to the extreme heat of the dishwasher, our labels are ideal for plastic dishes and lunchbox containers.

Free shipping

We offer free shipping in Canada and around the world!

100% guaranteed

No questions asked; if you are not satisfied, simply return them for an exchange or a refund.

Solvent-free eco-friendly inks

Only using solvent-free, latex-based inks that are the greenest in the industry.