Thirsting for a way to keep your children’s water bottles coming home after school or a sports activity? Help is on the way with Colle à moi’s bottle band! Stretch the silicone band around a water bottle to apply it. Our silicone bands are designed to be swapped from one bottle to another if needed. They come in 4 vibrant colors. Our custom water bottle bands are dishwasher-, microwave-, and sterilizer-safe. Once they are on, they can be easily maintained!

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bouteille eau custom

Bottle Band

What is the size of the bottle tape?

The strip measures 57mm in diameter (unstretched).

What is the bottle band made of?<

The custom water bottle band is made from silicone.

Can I put the bottle band in the dishwasher?<

Yes, you can! The bottle band is waterproof and can withstand the heat of the dishwasher and microwave.

What is the difference between the bottle band and the baby bottle band?

The large bottle band is our biggest size. It's 57mm (unstretched) and ideal for kids to bring their water bottles to school. The baby bottle band is our smallest size with 55mm in diameters when unstretched (which was before called the bottle band since it was the only size available). It's best suited for baby bottles and smaller bottles.


Simply stretch the silicone bottle band to fit around a bottle, flask or plastic container!

If you notice a buildup of dirt in the engraving, simply wash with soap and water

bouteille eau custom

Bottle Band

The promise

Washing Machine Safe

Affixed on the care label, our self-adhesive labels are washer- and dryer-resistant

Diswasher- and microwave-safe

Resistant to the extreme heat of the dishwasher, our labels are ideal for plastic dishes and lunchbox containers.

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We offer free shipping in Canada and around the world!

100% guaranteed

No questions asked; if you are not satisfied, simply return them for an exchange or a refund.

Solvent-free eco-friendly inks

Only using solvent-free, latex-based inks that are the greenest in the industry.