Personalized Custom Ruler

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Add a customizable children's ruler to your ID label order for an optimal back-to-school experience to get your kid stoked on numbers. Imagine having a custom kids ruler with your budding little genius' name on it! Our kids ruler is the perfect choice for your artist or mathematician. 

Measuring 30 centimetres, our funky-shaped ruler is easy for little hands to handle. Also, the graduation marks are easy to read. Our custom kids ruler is perfect for measuring and drawing activities.

Our child ruler is available in two bright and vibrant colour themes. Envision your little one's pride and joy when they see their name printed on a prehistoric landscape or the magical world of princesses and unicorns!

Moreover, our custom children's ruler is made from bamboo wood for maximum durability. Bamboo is the most environmentally friendly wood species out there! Kids will love using such a fun wood ruler!

Give your child the best custom kids ruler to stimulate their creativity and math skills. Order now and let them enjoy learning!

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Customizable children's ruler

30 cm


How can I personalize the custom kids ruler for my child?

Two lines of 20 characters each are available to identify your child's personalized ruler. When you place your order, you can choose the name, theme and font, making it a unique item.

How long is the customizable children's ruler?

The personalized ruler for kids is 30 centimetres long. It is specially designed to be easily manipulated by little hands.

Is the personalized children's ruler durable?

Yes, our child ruler is made from bamboo, which makes it very durable. Bamboo is also the most environmentally friendly type of wood, making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious parents.

What themes are available for your custom kids ruler?

Our multipurpose rulers are available in two bright and vibrant colour themes: princesses and unicorns, and dinosaurs).

Are the graduation marks on the custom kids ruler easy to read?

Yes, the graduations on the customizable children's ruler are easy to read and are perfect for measuring and drawing activities. With our custom kids rulers, your little artists or mathematicians can explore and learn while having fun!

What are your shipping options?

We offer standard shipping as well as express and priority shipping in Canada and the United States. Our delivery times vary depending on where you live. Visit our Shipping page for more information about your location's most effective shipping method and details on international shipping and shipping costs.

Is this ruler allowed in all schools?

Our wooden ruler, graduated in centimeters, should be accepted in most schools. We believe that wood is a more eco-friendly solution than plastic and has been used for measuring tools since ancient times. However, some teachers exclusively require a transparent plastic ruler. In such cases, head to the School material category on our website, where you'll find school labels perfect for identifying your transparent ruler!


Customizable children's ruler

30 cm
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