Even though we're all superwomen, sometimes we need a little motivation at our fingertips. And so do your kids! Here are the ultra-durable quote stickers from your favourite sticker store, Colle à moi! We've created 6 designs to give the whole family endless inspiration.

A mug, computer, water bottle, and any everyday object can turn into a real-life coach. Well, maybe not that much, but our messages do lots of good!

Whether it's for you, your child or their teacher, you'll find quotes that speak to their heart.

Our durable quote stickers are

  • Water and heat-resistant (safe for dishwasher and microwave use)
  • Cute, fun and motivating
  • Perfect for decorating your children's objects
  • Ideal for personalizing water bottles, lunch boxes, plastic pencil cases, mugs, or computers
  • Available in 6 original designs (2 in English): Superpower and Best mom.

The little gift that makes everyone happy. Whether you’re a mom, teacher, or educator, everyone deserves a little dose of inspiration!

Included in this combo

Quote Stickers

80mm x 80mm


Different Sizes
Are your inspirational quote stickers waterproof?

All our quote stickers are waterproof, washable and UV-resistant. Just be sure to follow the instructions for use.

Are your quote stickers permanent?

Our stickers are really durable. If you stick them on hard materials such as plastic, wood and metal, you can remove them as needed. On the other hand, on paper, they may tear.

Can the quote sticker be applied to clothing?

Although we use the same heavy-duty material as for all our identification labels, the sizes of the quote stickers are not suitable for identifying fabrics and garments.


Our quote stickers are microwave-and dishwasher-safe. Just follow these instructions:

  • Firmly press down to secure the quote sticker. Remove any air bubbles that get between the sticker and the material.
  • Wait at least 24 hours before running the quote sticker under water or exposing it to high temperatures (such as in the dishwasher or microwave)

Quote Stickers

80mm x 80mm


Different Sizes
The promise

Washing Machine Safe

Affixed on the care label, our self-adhesive labels are washer- and dryer-resistant

Diswasher- and microwave-safe

Resistant to the extreme heat of the dishwasher, our labels are ideal for plastic dishes and lunchbox containers.

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Only using solvent-free, latex-based inks that are the greenest in the industry.