Clothing Iron-on Labels

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Iron out the issues and costs when your kids lose their clothing! Our iron-on and customizable clothing labels, which can be directly applied to any fabric with an iron, are perfect for identifying clothes at daycare, camp, and school! They are our most durable labels, and, like all of our personalized labels, they are also laundry-resistant. Suitable for many types of fabrics, they can be used for towels, socks, and fabrics without care tag labels. Imagine not losing mittens or socks anymore! What a relief!

Included in this combo

40 clothing labels name
36mm x 10mm


What is the difference between self-adhesive and iron-on labels?

We offer two types of custom laundry-resistant clothing labels: the iron-on clothing label and the self-adhesive label.

For fabrics that have a care tag label, you can use the self-adhesive labels and apply them to the silk-like label. It does not require ironing or sewing. Note that they cannot be applied directly to the fabric.

For items that do not have care tag labels (e.g. socks, towels, sweaters without labels, etc.), we recommend our iron-on labels, which are designed to stick to most iron-resistant fabrics. They will be permanent, but not impossible to remove if needed.

Are your labels permanent?

Our Iron-on labels are applied with a hot iron making them permanent. But if needed, they are not impossible to remove.

Are your labels waterproof?

All our labels are waterproof. They are washable and UV-resistant.

Do you offer sew-in labels?

The era of personalized sewing labels is over! With iron-on labels that are applied directly to the fabric with an iron, there is no need to get the needles and thread to identify your children's clothing. Therefore, we do not offer this product, as we strongly believe you will be better served with our iron-on, or with our small rectangular labels that can be applied to the care tag label.

Why choose iron-on labels over adhesive labels?

Iron-on labels are permanent and, in our opinion, they are the best choice for labeling clothes. Additionally, they'll be a lifesaver for items without care tags (for example: underwear, socks, towels, tagless t-shirts, etc.). They are especially suitable for kids heading to daycare with spare clothes, children going to summer camp, as well as elderly residents in need of labeling their clothing. Want more? Visit the Clothing Labels for Seniors category on our website, where you'll find other identification products to suit every budget!


Our labels are designed to be tougher than children. They can be washed and dried as many times you would like, as long as the application is done properly.

Before starting labeling, wash the clothing (without using liquid fabric softener).

1– Preheat iron to cotton cycle, without steam.
2– Peel to remove the iron-on label from the page and place it face up on the dry fabric.
3– Cover the iron-on label with the parchment paper provided.
4– Firmly press the iron directly on the parchment paper over the label and hold for 10 seconds.
5– Repeat as needed for a few seconds to ensure the label is firmly applied and is not lifting on any edges.
6– Wait for 12 to 24 hours after application before putting the fabric underwater or before laundering.

Important: iron-on labels are not suitable for:
– Fabrics that are highly textured (wool, canvas, fur)
– Care tag labels (the ones that look like silk

40 clothing labels name
36mm x 10mm
The promise

Washing Machine Safe

Affixed on the care label, our self-adhesive labels are washer- and dryer-resistant

Diswasher- and microwave-safe

Resistant to the extreme heat of the dishwasher, our labels are ideal for plastic dishes and lunchbox containers.

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