Stamp out the frustration of trying to find your kids’ clothing! Colle à moi’s Personalized Clothing Stamp is the quickest and easiest way to label clothing in no time flat! This no-bleeding stamp can be used for approximately 500 applications, which means you’ll never have to worry about lost clothing for a lonnnnng time! Firmly press the stamp onto the fabric of the clothing, to identify your child's name. Its long-lasting ink will only start to fade away after 40 washes. The self-inking stamp comes loaded with a black ink cartridge.

Included in this combo

Personalized clothing stamp
26mm x 9mm


Can I buy an refill ink cartridge?

Yes, you can! Refills for the Colle à moi clothing stamp are available on our website for $7.50. To discover our selection of stamps, visit the custom stamps page.

Is the ink permanent?

Yes, the ink is permanent and only starts to fade after 40 washes. To optimize the ink retention, wait 24 hours before washing the clothing. Also, using a cold cycle is recommended.

Can I use the stamp on dark clothing?

Our personalized clothing stamp uses black ink. For dark fabrics, the ink might not be visible. Therefore, we recommend using our iron-on labels that can be applied with an iron. Interested in discovering more labels that withstand laundry? Visit the Daycare labels category on our website!

What is the size of the print?

The print size is 26mm x 9mm (1.028" x 0.361").

Does the garment stamp work on paper?

Yes, it does! Although the ink formula is specially designed for washable fabrics, it is possible to use it on books and matte papers!


1- If the clothes you are stamping are brand new, please wash them first.
2- On a hard flat surface, firmly press the stamp onto the inside of the clothing to print the name. For thin and light materials, we recommend stamping where you have double material, such as the seam or collar.
3- Wait 24 hours before washing the clothes or touching where it was stamped. To optimize ink retention, using a cold cycle is recommended.

Personalized clothing stamp
26mm x 9mm
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