Colle à moi personalized book stamp allows you to identify your precious books and papers in no time. What a great way to identify your books! Teachers can personalize it with words of encouragement, or even use it for grading papers. Simply pinch to open it, stamp your books and paper. Close stamp between each use to refill the ink (the inkwell is located inside the case). The custom stamp fits in a bag or can easily be stored in a desk drawer. The ink can only be applied to paper materials and will produce approximately 500 prints.

Included in this combo

custom stamp
Book stamp
30mm x 30mm


Do you offer ink refills for the book stamp?

Of course! Ink refills for the Colle à moi Bookk Stamp are available on our website for $7.50.

What is the size of the print?

The print size is 30mm x 30mm. We can accommodate 2 lines of 10 characters

Does the book stamp work on fabric?

This product was specifically designed for stamping on paper. The ink is not waterproof. If you want to identify clothing with a stamp, you can use Colle à moi clothing stamp instead.

How can I customize my stamp?

Due to the printing space on the stamp, we can accommodate 2 lines of 10 characters. Parents can write their children's names there. If the name is too long, consider using initials. Teachers can personalize the stamp with a word of encouragement and use it for grading assignments. Would you like to discover more products for teachers? Visit the Teacher Labels category on our website!


This personalized book stamp is foldable, compact, and easy to use. Here's how to use the self-inking stamp:

1- Pinch the stamp to open it.
2- Press firmly the stamp onto your books and paper.
3- Close stamp until you hear a ''click'' between each use, to refill the ink (the inkwell is located inside the case). It will also prevent it from drying the ink.

custom stamp
Book stamp
30mm x 30mm
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