Commemorate your child's first months!

Our 6-piece set of wooden disks showcase the milestones from your baby's first few months. They make a cute way to capture all these wonderful memories from these early stages of their development. Like all Colle à moi products, your baby's wooden disks come personalized with your little one's name.

Share memories from your child's first year, such as their very first days of life to their first birthday, their first day of daycare and when they take their first steps. Share these on your social media with friends and family for everyone to enjoy. Looking at them in the months and years to come will bring back all the beautiful memories.

These make an excellent gift for new parents – and are guaranteed to be a unique gift for a baby shower or baby's arrival.

Colle à moi wooden milestone disks are made of natural linden wood. This type of wood is perfectly imperfect, and each disk is unique, just like your baby!

Check out our Pinterest board for some great ideas on alternate ways you can use these wooden disks

Included in this combo

6 wood disks
(12 milestones)
4'' in diameter


What are the wooden baby name announcement disks made of?

They are made from linden wood and printed in full colour with our printers.

Why did I receive 6 disks?

We personalize both sides of the disks. You can therefore photograph 12 stages of your child's life by flipping the disks over. By using less material, we can keep this item more sustainable!

What size are the wooden baby name announcement disks?

The wooden disks are 4 inches in diameter.

Can I choose all 12 steps in my set?

We have created two sets to choose from; The First Year and The Milestones. Unfortunately, it is not possible to interchange them.

Can I personalize both sides of the disks?

Yes, your child's name will appear on both sides of the disks!

What's in each set?

-The First-year Set includes six double-sided printed wooden discs for months 1 through 11 and “1 year.”
-The Milestone Set includes six double-sided printed disks starting with the birth announcement disk, months 1 through 6, 8, 10 and “1 year old.” Plus, “I’m walking” and “I’m starting daycare.”

How can I recycle my disks after taking a photo of them?

For DIY ideas and ways to give your disks a second life, check our Pinterest board

6 wood disks
(12 milestones)
4'' in diameter
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