10 Interesting Winter Activities for The Whole Family

Winter is here and you’ve run out of family activities. Of course, there are traditional winter activities like skiing, skating, sliding and building a snowman, but you’d like to be creative. Here are ten interesting winter activity ideas for the whole family.

Walk in The Forest

Put on a good snowsuit, warm boots and go for a hike in the forest. You’ll see enchanting landscapes as well as the many little creatures donning their winter coats. 

Ice Fishing

Wait for the lake to be frozen over and safe, and bring the whole family fishing. Bring your little ones, warmly wrapped up in a sleigh.

Snow Soccer or Football

Play soccer or football in the snow. It’s not easy, especially after a heavy snowfall, but the fun and laughs you’ll get out of it will be worth the effort.

Winter Festival

Rent a cottage for the weekend and go to a winter festival, like the Quebec Winter Carnival or the Snow fest. You’ll find all sorts of activities such as games, shows, and carriage or dog sleigh rides.

Sugar Shack 

At the end of winter, when the maples’ sap starts flowing, bring your family to the sugar shack. You’ll be able to enjoy a hearty meal and eat maple taffy on snow. Some sugar shacks have a mini-farm where you can pet the animals, and others offer carriage rides.

Treasure Hunt

Do you prefer staying at home? Plan a treasure hunt for your kids. It can be done indoors or outdoors. You’ll have fun creating it, and your kids will have just as much fun solving it.

Winter Wreath

Ask each family member to make a winter wreath. Evergreen branches, paper snowflakes, a few ribbons and flowers made out of fabric; the only limit is your imagination. It’s a great DIY project, both for the children and for the adults.


Learn to knit if you don’t already know how to, and teach your children how to do it. A scarf is a simple project for the younger ones. If they don’t have enough patience to make one for themselves, they can make one for their teddy bear.

Hot Chocolate Tasting

Find original hot chocolate recipes and have a hot chocolate tasting afternoon. Each person will vote for their favorite one.


During a snowstorm, have a pajama-day. It’s the perfect opportunity to play board games, drink hot chocolate and simply spend quality time as a family.

Create Beautiful Memories

Children grow up so fast; you need to take advantage of every moment spent with them. Winter is the perfect season to create such moments since the weather often limits travel. Make the best of it by creating beautiful memories that the whole family will cherish for years to come.