Pictogramme routine école

More independent children: help them with the pictograms of morning routine

We all get impatient in the morning whenever we have to repeat the same instructions over and over again. When my oldest started school, I got to work exhausted from dealing with the before-school routine. Then her teacher shared a pictorial morning task sheet with us. It changed my life!

Routines have several benefits:

  • Ease the flow of daily activities.
  • Make the child feel secure.
  • To situate oneself in time.
  • Follow the order of actions that recur each day.

There are many types of routines, but today I want to share with you my morning routine to get my children ready for school. To help you out, we’ve created pictograms of a school routine to print out to accompany your kiddos and help them visualize the steps to follow. You can print it all out right HERE!

First, you need to calculate how long it takes your child to complete his morning routine. With this index, you can judge his best wake-up time. Normally, you should allow 1 hour to do each step quietly.

The 5 steps to the perfect school routine:

  1. Wake up and relax in the morning: We say good morning and start the day positively. We can drink a glass of water to hydrate ourselves from the night. This is also a time to let the children go to the bathroom by waking up if needed.
  2. Breakfast: An important meal to be in shape in the morning!
  3. Cleaning: This includes picking up the dishes, as well as making the bed. This step can be done at any time in the morning routine.
  4. Getting ready: Washing hands and teeth, doing hair and getting dressed.
  5. Leaving for school: Put on shoes, pack a backpack and take a lunch box.

A 5 to 10 minute break can also be possible and considered a privilege when all tasks are completed. I hope that this little reminder will help you enjoy a happy and joyful morning routine!