The start of Quebec's best-known children's label!

A fun fact about us is that it all began in 2014, when Annie Nadeau, a busy mother of two young children, felt a need when it came to identifying their belongings. That's what inspired her to start Colle à moi: she wanted to create durable, waterproof and fun labels. That’s all it took to awaken the artist in her.

Over the years, Colle à moi has grown. Constantly looking for products of exceptional quality, we have worked hard to make our labels evolve. Colle à moi is a team of professionals who are the best in their fields. We offer durable labels—always at the same low prices. We place children at the heart of every design and label we make.

Colle à moi uses state-of-the-art printing technology that uses high-quality inks to reproduce designs with great precision.

Today, Annie still illustrates the collections and expresses herself in a colourful way with the support and collaboration of exceptional graphic designers. She is inspired by her children to create an exciting world of creativity, individuality, and innovation for the children of Quebec.

Whether our children go to daycare or school, all their belongings must be identified. That’s what makes our labels so great: they save time and money! What is well-identified is easily found. Therefore, no need to replace lost items again!

With Colle à moi, you can personalize your labels in three quick and easy steps. They are a useful solution for any busy parent and a great gift for family and friends.

About our products

Whether it's for daycare, for school or even for elderly people living in residences, everything that belongs to us must be identified. It’s a good thing! What is well-identified is easily found. Therefore, no need to buy replacement items again.

With Colle à moi you can personalize your labels in three quick and easy steps. It’ very useful when we got little to no time!

Saves time

When our children start daycare or school, there is an abundance of clothing or other items to identify.
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Are your kids rough with objects around them? Don't worry!
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For everyone!

For daycare, school or summer camp, Colle à moi labels are perfect for identifying your children’s belongings.
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