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Elementary School Supply Checklist

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when shopping to optimize your purchases and save next year!

Is your child starting school? You will surely have several items to buy. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when shopping to optimize your purchases and save next year!

Reusable Material from One Year to the Next

Some items can last more than a year and are worth investing a little more to have a quality and sustainable product.

Backpack. A good backpack can last several years, especially when your young child has finished growing up. You can opt for a quality bag from Lavoie, unisex color. This way, if it becomes too small for your child, it can be transferred to their younger siblings.

Pencil case. A good leather case will go through time. Choose a neutral color and it will be timeless.

Lunch box. A simple, neutral, and quality bag can do a few years with your young child. A laminated interior with as few pouches as possible makes maintenance much easier.

Scissors. A good pair of round-toed scissors can last over time.

Pencil sharpener. A quality pencil sharpener, such as Staedtler, can sometimes last a few years.

Physical education sneakers. Most schools require exclusive sneakers for the gym. When your child is growing, they will have to be changed every year. Older, it will be possible to use the same from one year to the next, as long as they are in good condition.

Little tip: in the fall, buy a fairly large pair of sneakers that will last until the following summer for day camps.

Towel or blanket. These can last over time, but children do not use them any further than kindergarten.

Equipment to Be Renewed Every Year

Some items must be purchased annually. Here is the list.

Pencils. Whether it’s pencils, colored pencils, markers, highlighters, pens, or whatever, you’ll have to buy a few every year, but take the time to sort through to recover and reuse those that are in good condition.

Eraser, glue, ruler. As with pencils, sort at the end of each year to avoid buying back reusable items the following year.

Binders, duo-tangs, separators, notebooks, lined or grid sheets. Unused sheets and notebooks can be used the following year. As for the binders and duo-tangs, they are normally in poor condition at the end of the year.

Identification labels. For the little ones, of course. Essential to identify your child’s equipment and clothing.

Agenda. You buy a new one from the school every year.

Small Reminders

A few weeks before the start of the school year, have your child try his linen and shoes for school. There is a good chance that they will no longer do it. This will give you enough time to provide them with the essentials.

Order your identification labels in advance to receive them before the start of school. This will give you enough time to identify all your child’s material.

Even though the list of school supplies for elementary school varies depending on your child’s level, this little checklist for the list of school effects will help you maximize the use of each item purchased. Thus, there will be no waste and your bill will be reduced.

Here is, in addition, a small practical checklist to help your child not forget anything when he returns from school. Although this checklist was originally designed to help children with ADHD, it can be useful to all children, who are often distracted and easily forgot.

Happy new school year!