5 Ways to Have Fun with Paint

Children love to paint. Painting allows them to creatively express their emotions through art. Here are a few ideas for painting that kids can engage in by themselves or with friends and family.

1. Painting walls

Purchase some washable paint and brushes of different kinds, and then have your children paint a wall – their only limit is their imagination. They can paint landscapes or characters or animals and nature – what is important is that they let their creativity reign. This activity will also allow the kids to add a personal touch to their rooms.

2. Painting with accessories

Do you really think that you can only paint with brushes? Think again! Earplugs, fly beaters, cut vegetables, pine leaves, and many other objects, such as dice, can serve as your tools that can be easily dipped in paint to create the most original shapes and patterns. Be imaginative – kids will love that! Click here for some ideas.

3. Painting a picture

What is more exciting that a blank canvas in front of you and the opportunity to turn it into something great? Your kids can use a variety of paints, such as oil, watercolour, acrylic, or gouache. Buy the palettes they would prefer and then let them have fun in their little studio with brushes and aprons!

4. Painting around photographs

The idea here is to take a photo, such as one of a person your kid likes, and put it in the middle of a canvas. Your kid would then decorate around the photograph. This can lead to superb creations that can serve as great gifts for holidays like Mother’s day.

5. Painting with tissue paper

Cut tissue paper of various colours into small pieces with scissors or a scrapbooking punch. Apply a layer of water to the canvas with a sponge brush. Then, place the pieces of paper on the surface. Once the pieces are dry, use latex gloves to remove them. The result will be wonderful click here to view images.

Basically, creating fun activities for kids is not difficult. A few accessories, lots of imagination – and you are all set. It’s a safe bet the kids will ask for more and more.