3 Ideas for Educational Vacations for Your Kids

Here are 3 ideas for an educational vacation you could try with your kids this winter Holidays.

Holidays are here, so many parents are thinking about ways to keep the young brains in good shape for the upcoming year. The trick here is to try and combine having fun with acquiring new knowledge and reinforcing what they had been learning for the past year. Here are a few ideas for an educational vacation you could try with your kids this Holiday season.

1. A library and pool day

You can combine the useful with the pleasant by taking the kids to the library first and the swimming pool later. This way, every day, they can alternate between bathing and reading their favorite books. Don’t forget to allow them to choose their own reading so that they can find pleasure in the activity.

If your kids do not have a vibrant imagination or have difficulty staying focused while reading longer pieces of literature, suggest that they check out some comic books. The Canadian Learning Council published a study recently showing that comic books may foster an interest in reading. If your child doesn’t want to dive into a book, the comics may be a solution to get him or her interested in reading.

2. Join a reading club

One more idea for an educational vacation would be to join a reading or book club. Library and Archives Canada has a bilingual book club free for all Canadian children to join.

Once you register your child in the club at your local library, they will be able to participate in various free reading activities such as book suggestions, author and illustrator meet-and-greets, joke and story writing, and collecting and exchanging stickers with other young readers. Go to http://www.clubdelecturetd.ca for more information.

3. Introduce your kid to board game design   

One more practically free approach is to introduce the child to designing educational games. This would help with the development of critical and creative skills while also being fun since many games can be created together with friends.

Who knows? Maybe the board games that your kids create will one day become the next big global craze. After all, dreaming is good for you.