Customization ideas for our new book stamp designs

A perfect Christmas gift for teachers!

Every year we ask ourselves the same question: What should I get my kids’ teacher? Personally, I always try to be original and avoid chocolates, tea and hand cream. So why not a book stamp? It’s a practical tool that teachers will definitely love!

We just launched 4 new book stamp designs that have endless customization options. Here are some ideas on how to personalize our stamps in a way that helps teachers with grading papers!

Celebration Stamp

This design can easily replace labels! We can celebrate students’ efforts with heartfelt, powerful and personal words! Every teacher has their motto. Whether it’s a “Wowza”, “fantastic” or “don’t give up”, the customizations options are unlimited. Simple messages can make a big difference in motivating kids.

Correction Stamp

Depending on which school subject, some mistakes can be repeated by students over and over. In order to save correction time, teachers can stamp frequent errors and avoid rewriting the same note on all assignments.

Results Stamp

Looking for a quick and original way to showcase a student’s grade? With the personalized Result Stamp, you can simply indicate the student’s grade inside the star circle. A great way to boost students’ self-esteem and motivation!

Signature Stamp

This design is currently only available in french, so they are perfect for those who go to a french school or to gift their french teacher! Remember that note in the agenda or an assignment that required a parent’s signature? With this design, you simplify their task! Asking for a parent’s signature has never been so cute and simple.

To customize a book and paper stamp, click here.

Let your imagination run wild and create an original and practical design for your child’s teacher.